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An introductory dream session aims to explore the purpose of our dreams by making personal associations with the symbols presented to us.

Dreams can provide insights into our aspirations, hopes and fears, and through interpretation they can be the first step towards better whole health and well-being.

Dream analysis can assist us to overcome obstacles that may hold us back by connecting to our inner goals.

The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung was a pioneer in the study of dreams. The initial session will explore some fundamental principles of Jungian psychology and how they apply to the interpretation of our dreams.

Exploring your dreams

Every part of the dream corresponds to an element within the individuals own psyche as it tries to compensate for the imbalance of waking life. Through analysis we will make connections to the dream symbols that are being communicated and begin to understand the hidden messages within them.

For our dream analysis session, please choose a dream that you can recall clearly and will be happy to explore.

Cost £50.00 for 50 mins.

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